IT Services Management from McCallie

Our Associates help organizations identify and satisfy customer needs, advocate the most efficient business cases, and deliver the expected value from IT services to the ultimate mission of the organizations we serve.  We consult, design, transition, operate, and improve IT services to support the client’s culture and vision across the lifecycle of systems. McCallie tailors IT and quality management practices from public framework and standards including ITIL v3, ISO 20000, and ISO 9001 to achieve the most efficient and effective service management for each customer organization.  Doing business with McCallie is easy, you will experience our professionalism and drive for excellence before and after the sale.  Our goal is to establish long and mutually beneficial working relationships.  That is why our customers have awarded McCallie the highest praise in a highly competitive market – their continued trust and business.

Service Strategy

Achieving vision requires a partner who understands, analyzes, and supports achieving the client’s business, mission, values, and strategies. Service strategy is at the core of successful enterprise.  McCallie’s “integrity” core belief focuses on helping clients achieve success as they define it by applying expertise, proprietary knowledge, and organization to support the customer’s service strategy.  Our Associates help customers identify and exploit knowledge management resources within their environment, analyze and manage the portfolio of services and systems, and align the service catalogue to meet mission requirements in the enterprise.  We help many customers plan and manage the policies, resources, and assets required to maintain effective strategies as the market, competition, resources, and threats change.  Whether you are one of our Public Health or National Defense customers, we help each client develop their own enterprise plans, document robust business cases, optimize enterprise resources, and provide mechanisms for fundamental visibility and control based on best practices from our Command and Control experience.  IT should be integrated and aligned to the mission with the rigor necessary to deliver the right services at the right cost.

Whether your systems are fully mobile, in the cloud, riding the web, or in dedicated locations, McCallie has the experience and the resources to help you achieve your strategic objectives when the environment or requirements change.

Service Design

Our Associates create solution designs for a broad spectrum of systems including global command and control networks encompassing space, missile defense, cyber missions and nuclear missions among others.  Outside the DoD, McCallie provides secure nationwide network platforms that support SaaS delivery of public health information to state health officials, U.S. Health and Human Services through 10 States and Tribal nations. Finally, McCallie supports the security strategies and designs for DIA and DoD IT services from sites in Colorado and Nebraska on multiple contracts.  A trusted partner, our service design packages trace to client specific operational concepts, requirements and constraints. Our holistic approach makes effective and efficient use of the people, products, processes, and partners involved in design activities to deliver both functionality and quality.

Whether your needs are for end-to-end system engineering, knowledge management systems, or lifecycle refresh, McCallie has the experience and the resources to help your IT team lower total lifecycle costs. Whether moving forward from CONOPS and requirements, or generating and analyzing transformation concepts in architectures and standards McCallie’s experience can shorten the process. We can help you move your plans forward with step-by-step evolutionary or revolutionary IT service design plans.

Service Transition

McCallie teams help customers manage and execute change in the enterprise.  We have moved command and operations centers, relocated missions across the U.S., and transformed legacy desktop-bound applications into mobile-friendly private clouds to help customers operate more effectively and efficiently.  Change only happens smoothly when your clients business environment is properly prepared, and the change actions and operational elements are adequately vetted, planned, completed, and tested for deployment.  Our Associates have managed test engineering, test planning, and exercise and test operations including modeling and simulation, training, and phased roll-out, managing the human as well as the machine and data interfaces.  Transition readies the strategies and designs for operational use ensuring that the assets of the enterprise are available to meet mission requirements and changes in the environment.

Whether your organization requires integration and testing as a service or service transition or requires subject matter experts from the operational environment, McCallie teams will provide the experience and resources to support the evolutionary gateway for new and enhanced capabilities.  Our Associates help you manage and control changes, assets, configuration, and knowledge as the keys to continuous operational stability and availability.  McCallie can help guide your enterprise through agile and disciplined service transitions wherever your environment extends. 

Service Operations

McCallie Associates help customers deliver the agreed levels of service and manage their applications, technology, and infrastructure that support the delivery.  As the only lifecycle stage that delivers business value, having the right partner is essential to balance conflicting performance and cost goals. Our Associates provide high availability services to maintain the mission critical systems for DoD organizations, many involving highly specialized and unique experience.  We assist organizations in protecting sensitive networks, systems, and data from attack, and provide analysis of the operational health of the chain of services supporting vital functions.  Our approach identifies and escalates skills and staffing to rally or surge resources for event and incident management. Our teams fulfill incident management and service requests supporting 1000’s of military personnel and their military missions spanning intelligence, space, cyber, missile defense, nuclear planning and global C2 operations.  Our high performance team construct provided an efficient means of organizing IT service operations tasks to support 30% more multi-discipline capability roll-outs from the same size release and deployment staff. 

Whether your organization requires on site 24/7 technical support or subject matter expertise from personnel with industry-recognized certifications, McCallie can provide the talent and resources needed to deploy and operate services at a level that meets your requirements and budgets.

Continual Service Improvement

Our Associates provide continuous emphasis on improvement in their delivery without waiting for a service or metric failure to trigger action. McCallie leads and teams integrate quality management into their current services, processes to deliver increasingly accurate and efficient performance.  While discreet “improvement” projects are required, baking in the quality culture is a hallmark of service excellence, demonstrating McCallie’s commitment to improving and integrating those changes into operations that impact our client’s mission.  McCallie’s seven-step improvement process aligns services, processes, and technology with the vision and goals of our customers.  We collect data on the performance and quality of systems and services for the purpose of discovering, measuring, and analyzing improvement opportunities and results.

Whether your mission is to meet the health care needs of underserved populations facing unbalanced exposure to chronic disease, or your mission secures the high ground of space for our nation’s capabilities, McCallie teams bring command and control rigor to monitoring and measurement that helps guide and direct service improvement.  McCallie’s CSI management focuses on reporting to enable a stronger and more vibrant future enterprise.  We are a “total lifecycle” focused team working closely with each organization we serve to create lasting improvement in our client’s capabilities.

How McCallie IT Services Are Delivered

McCallie is experienced in supporting customer IT projects and programs ranging from one to more than 80 technical staff.  Our staff fulfill many positions as part of contract teams supporting Federal and State contracts.  Example IT labor categories have included:

Software Engineers

Network & System Operators and Maintainers

Customer Service/Help Desk Technicians

Network Management Technical staff

System Administrators

Life-cycle Managers

CyberSecurity Engineers/Operators

  • Certification and Accreditation
  • CND
  • System Security Maintenance/IAVA  

Data Management Administrators 

Database Managers

Data Modelers

Data/Information Management System Engineers/Architects

Program and Project Managers

System and Data Architects

Business Process Modeling Engineers

Operational and Functional Analysts

Modeling and Simulation Engineers

Functional or Operational Requirements Analysts

  • Activity/Operational Modeling
  • DoDAF Architecture
  • Model-Based System Engineering