Advisory & Assistance Services

We provide DoD mission and functional area experts to assist with planning, analyzing, training, operating, and maintaining programs and business/mission activities.   Examples of A&AS services McCallie provides include:

Joint Exercises, Training, and Experimentation

McCallie training experts are involved in every facet of the Joint Training Program, from development of Joint Training Plans and Joint Mission Essential Task Lists, to providing exercise after-action analysis.  We provide support for all phases of Joint Exercises.  Through the coordination of integrated exercise scenarios and training events with functional and geographic commanders, McCallie team members provide the environment to achieve and maintain proficiency for all the warfighting tasks required to accomplish missions as described by the National Military Strategy, the Unified Command Plan, and the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan.

Strategic and Operational Assessments

McCallie helped establish initial USSTRATCOM assessment processes to accomplish strategic and operational assessments. 

Concept Development

  • Ballistic Missile Defense Network Operations Security (BMDS NOSC) Enabling Concept

Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)

McCallie experts have supported development of JCID documents for USSTRATCOM and NORAD-USNORTHCOM, to include:

  • Capability Based Assessment (CBA)
  • Joint Capabilities Document (JCD)

Force Protection

Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Advocacy

Space Control