Systems Engineering and Technical Services

Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) and Analysis

McCallie provides system engineering to support:

  • Concept/Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Translation to Technical Specifications
  • System Design
  • System Analysis
  • Prototyping

We have used models to assist engineering and analysis of operations, systems, and information since the 1990s.  McCallie’s Associates have experience in a variety of tools used to capture and document information within models using standards based modeling languages that help relate and trace requirements through functional behaviors and architecture (capabilities) for validation and verification, enabling development and analysis of complex systems and multiple options.   Our model based support includes:

Architecture Development and Analysis

We provide DoDAF compliant architecture products to meet planning and analysis needs supporting program acquisition and portfolio management.  We have documented and helped analyze the Nuclear C2 architecture and several global mission area architectures for USSTRATCOM.  We provide both conceptual and physical data models, including enterprise-wide models to integrate systems and enhance data sharing.  We helped USSTRATCOM establish and continue to model the Command's Enterprise Database environment.

Modeling and Simulation

We support decision makers by building, monitoring, and analyzing the outcome of global war games and other special study scenarios using weapon effects, time, and procedural models to validate and assess plans for connectivity and system effectiveness in the full spectrum of conventional and nuclear warfare environments.

Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

We assist our customers with analysis and improvement of processes to streamline operations and better workflows.  We normally provide BPR in conjunction with efforts to integrate new technology so money is not wasted automating inefficient or unneeded processes. 

Operations Research and Systems Analysis

We support complex studies using a mixture of systems engineering, operations research, mission expertise, and subject matter experts to provide technical analysis and develop technical concepts in the context of supported missions.   We combine outputs from modeling and simulation, architecture development, mission analysis using quantitative and qualitative methods. Our studies have included analysis of C4I capability, weapon and communication system trade-offs, nuclear weapons effects, global battle management system development and command and control technical performance capability assessments.   Our operations research services teams also use activity based costing to analyze, streamline, and revitalize the real costs of doing business, reengineering business processes used to plan, execute, and manage public and private operations

Technical Services

Our technical experts provide support from concept development through sustainment of technology based systems and operations.  We provide expertise to ensure command and control functions, critical communications, and intelligence systems function to meet national strategic missions around the world.  Examples of technical services supported include:  

Test and Evaluation

We support Joint test and evaluation, including quick reaction tests that develop tactics, techniques and procedures for the use of technology in support of DoD missions.  

In addition, we provided technical planning to support Follow-On Test and Evaluation (FOT&E) efforts of CALCM, JASSM, Air Launch Cruise Missile (ALCM) and Advanced Cruise Missile (ACM) programs.

Survivability Management, Hardness Maintenance, and Hardness Surveillance 

Our support to hardness surveillance, engineering, analysis, testing, and maintenance programs ensures continued combat reliability for critical defense installations.  These programs ensure security from the effects of electro-magnetic pulse and protect the information technology superiority of our customers:

Video Teleconference Operation

Graphic Support

System Integration

Technology/Concept Demonstrations